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Server Infomation Server Rules

General Rules

The rules apply to everyone

The rules apply on users of all ranks, so also on the staff members.If someone breaks the rules you can report the player here: LINKJE

Staff members are there to help but:

If you need help form a staff member, donít immediately ask the immortal or admins. Moderators and wardens can help you too. Also staff members are online to fix stuff on the server, answer questions, help with (for players) unsolvable problems and to keep an eye on the chat. They are NOT online to be your personal taxi, doctor, moving company, santa or a foodbank.

Taking advantage of a bugg is not allowed.

If you find a bugg, but there are no staff members online, then you can report it : here.

Hacking and/or cheating is not allowed.

This is a server for all ages.

it is not a place to make/talk about adult content. Inappropriate buildings and chat messages will not be allowed.

Don't build any kind of lagg machine
Don't ask for money, items, ranks or OP
Offering or asking for real money is not allowed.

Also scamming with ingame stuff/money is not allowed.

What happens with/on your account is your own responsibility.

The name you have, the skin you choose. That is all your own responsibility. It will not be accepted if your skin or name is inappropriate for the server. We also donít buy excuses like: ďMy little brother did thatĒ

Keep your personal information to yourself.

Do not share your passwords etc with anyone, also not the staff members.

Staff members have the final say.

If you do not agree with something a staff members said, report it here


Chat Rules

What you type and send is your own responsibility!

Think before you hit enter. If you have a big conversation with one other person, try to use /msg and /r.

In the chat there will be no:

  • Spamming
  • Caps
  • Swearing/cursing
  • Provoking
  • Bulling
  • Threatening
  • Racism
  • Religious views/quotes/extremism
  • Advertisement/talking about other servers
  • Don't talk about adult subjects, This is a server for all ages!


Survival Rules

Griefing and playertraps are not allowed on the survival server.

  • Claim your buildings! If you claim your buildings, then it can't griefed
  • Keep a minimal distance of 50 blocks from other claims. if possible, keep a bigger distance. The world is big enough!
  • Extra explenation about claiming: Link

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