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Mature staff members

Every staff member is an adult and mature, this means when you think something is wrong you can talk to us. Like grown ups.

However don't let that scare you, we like younger people on the server. As long as you act normal and respect other people.

We know what we are doing

Every staff member has their own job and is able to do that job with his or hers knowledge. This means that everything we do is done by the best people.

Do you think you can add some value to the staff team? Don't hestitate to contact us.

Small but listening

Don't you hate it when people are not listening to you? We are a small server aiming to become big, and when we do we want to keep our ideals.

We promise that you'll like it, join us now!

Latest news

Congratulations Hyperion_Jacob!

Today we welcome Jacob to the staff team of Pixelated as a Warden!

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Builders discord

We made a separate group for builder in discord. In this channel they can share builds, but also they will be challenged to improve their skills. Interested?


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